Hearing aid upkeep.

Hearing aid upkeep.

While many hearing healthcare professionals offer hearing device cleaning at no cost, it is a good habit to learn daily maintenance and cleaning to protect your investment. Use a dry cloth or tissue daily to remove any dust, earwax or moisture from your hearing aids. Cleaning and examining your hearing aids daily and doing a listening check will help you be aware of the status of your aids and you will learn when they need attention or repair.

Occasionally, your hearing aid might need to be repaired by the manufacturer. Many problems can be easy to troubleshoot at home or with the help of your hearing care provider. Signs you may need a repair include:

  • Static sounds or increased feedback
  • Intermittent sound or the sound “cuts in and out”
  • High levels of distortion
  • Holes or cracks in the shells of ITE hearing aid styles
  • Higher than normal battery drain
  • Broken or missing components on the body of the hearing aid

In some cases, if your hearing care provider cannot fix the problem, your hearing aid may need to be sent away to the manufacturer for repair. These types of repairs are often covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, but your hearing care provider can advise about warranty status and any out-of-pocket costs that may be incurred.

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